Spotify Premium Mod APK Latest Version Download (Unlimited Features) 2020

If you are a music lover, you would be well aware of Spotify. Spotify Premium Mod Apk is a hacked version with unlocked premium features. Third-party developers develop Spotify Premium Mod Apk; it is not an official version of this app. It is the top best music streaming application with forty million songs collection. Spotify is not available worldwide; it is restricted in some countries.

Spotify Premium Mod APK Detail

Spotify Premium Mod APK Version (Unlimited Features) 2020

App Size22 MB
Android Support4.0 or above
Last Updated23 May 2020
Offered BySpotify Ltd.

In restricted areas of word, it is even not available on the play store. In restricted areas, you can use this hacked version of Spotify. You can create playlists and search for new songs of interest. It shows a list of relevant songs that you may not have listened to, but you may like it.

Spotify Premium Mod APK Download

Spotify Premium Mod APK

Download Spotify Premium

It will show you results to find songs go to search bar and enter a song title, album name, or artist. Every kind of music you want to enjoy is available on this app according to your interest. It automatically suggests songs of your interest.

You have to pay a subscription for its premium features where users can download play anywhere on your mobile, tablet, or computer and good quality. These premium features are available free on Spotify Premium Mod Apk, where you don’t need to pay for the subscription. Its subscription price is high, but paid users enjoy attractive features.

You can explore worldwide music on this application. More than sixteen million are paid users of Spotify. It is a leading streaming app between its competitors, like Pandora music or apple music.

Spotify Premium Mod APK Version (Unlimited Features) 2020

Spotify was founded in 2006, and it became a top music app with a podcast option. Spotify technology S.A is an official developer, which is Sweden media service provider. Till now, you can say it is the king of music streaming applications. This application is available for Android, IOS, Mac and Windows users

Let us discuss the features of Spotify:


Discover songs

It is helpful to explore new music if you are bored with old music and want to change your taste. It gives you recommendations to check new songs to have not listened to yet. Furthermore, on the radio mod, you can explore songs and gain detailed information about songs.

Share options

You can share music from this app to social media and friends. Amazingly you can create a combined playlist with your friends. In this way, you can share music; this feature is beneficial for the user. Share your favourite music with loved ones.

High-Quality music

It will provide maximum quality music. Audio quality is very fantastic. You will enjoy music 320kbps on this application. That’s why this app is becoming famous worldwide. Excellent music quality attracts music lovers toward this app.

Uninterrupted music

Spotify Premium Mod APK Version (Unlimited Features) 2020

Everyone doesn’t want annoying ads while enjoying music. Most of the peoples are very irritated by pop up ads. For the user, it is inspiring that Spotify is ad-free. You can enjoy songs in a comfortable environment. Music lovers won’t want any interruption while listening to music. You can get an advantage to form this application.

Unlocked repeat mod

This feature is available only for the premium user; in this hacked version, repeat mod is unlocked for users. If you are interested in listening to desired music again, get the advantage of unlocked repeat mod.

Play desired songs

You can find the music of any genre on this app. it has a massive collection of forty million songs. You can easily find the desired songs and play. Discovery options are available, which helps the user to find music.

Easy to use

You can use it conveniently because of its user interface. UI is incredibly designed and user friendly; you will find no ambiguities. It will help you to take action and discover music. It provides ease to the user so that it is very attractive for the user.

Quick search

Its user-friendly interface is helpful to find desire music quickly. You will not feel irritated to search for songs. Music lovers can get advantage of this feature because some don’t feel comfortable until they find the desired song.

Spotify Premium Mod APK Version (Unlimited Features) 2020

Skip Music

You can skip songs if you are not interested in listening. Check the next track, unlimited skips are allowed. You can skip tracks until you find the music of your interest. It is helpful to enjoy the music of your taste.

Freely Available

On Spotify premium apk, you have to pay a subscription for premium features. To pay subscription is costly for common users. Spotify Premium Mod Apk made it affordable for users; most of the features are available free on the hacked version. Except for some features which are only available on the server.

Multiple device support

It is a very cool feature of this app. you can use this app on your mobile phone, tablet, computer, and smart TV. Just switch to the preferred device and enjoy music. In this way, you can enjoy music anywhere and anytime. Isn’t cool feature for users?

Spotify Premium Mod APK Version (Unlimited Features) 2020


Is Spotify premium apk available on google play store?

Yes, it is available on google play store, but its services are not available worldwide. So that it is not available on play store for restricted countries, in restricted nations, users can download Spotify Premium Mod Apk

How to download Spotify Premium Mod Apk? 

It is a hacked version so that not available on the play store. You can download direct link from Go to the download page and click on the link available.

Who are developers of Spotify Premium Mod Apk?

Officials do not offer mod apk file, third party developers, hackers or programmers provide this version. It is not an official version of Spotify.

Is Spotify apk available for iPhone users?

No! It is not available for iPhone users. IOS users provide apple music for iPhone users. Apple music is provided with podcast options.

What is the install guide for Spotify Premium Mod Apk?

After downloading the apk file, go to open the file. Click on the install button, which starts the installation process. The installation process will take a short time. After this process is completed, tap on the application icon and start enjoying the favorite song.

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